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look at all the cute Klaine. just. look at them.

oookay, so this would be my fandom journal, used mostly for posting icons and other graphics. My current obsession is Glee, or more presizely Klaine (and I only watch the other parts because I can't look away. You know how that works.)

You may find that my English is quite horrible, sorry about that, I try to limit my ramblings to a minimum-- well, I guess I can at least use the 'I'm not a native' free card. Or not.

erm-- look more Klaine!

got distracted, eh? ^.^

also, graphics I don't want to spam my flist with are here at my tumblr. I LIKE TUMBLR, OKAY?
I also created a fanfiction.net account by the same username - it's mostly for stalking other authors, but I might post my own fics there if I don't forget:)

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